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Yay – the long-awaited summer holidays are just around the corner! As we pack our cars and head on the lemming run to our favourite beach destination, the only concern left in our worlds is that little nagging doubt: “will everything be OK at home?” Crime rates rise in empty suburbs, armed response can’t get access to the property on false alarms, and guests, house-minders and pet-sitters may be coming and going. A Z-Wave smart home provides everything you need to know whats going on, controls your home and makes it look like you’re home while you are soaking up the sun.

Smart Lighting to Make it Look Like You’re Home

In combination with a VeraEdge controller, Qubino relays and dimmers can be easily installed on all lights and automations. They’re created to so your home looks inhabited. Lights can be set to go on at specific times and also according to sunset and sunrise. Through schedules, or manually via your smartphone app, you can control interior lights such as the ones in your bedroom or living room to appear as if people are moving through the house. Carefully placed motion sensors on the exterior can be used to not only trigger an alarm, but also set interior lights that appear as if you have been woken up. All of this can be controlled or changed from wherever you are using the Vera App.

See Who is at Your Front Door and Grant Access as You See Fit

With the DoorBird video door intercom system you will know exactly who is at the gate regardless as to whether you are home or not. The intercom rings through to your phone and the night vision camera will show you who is there. Answer immediately without anyone knowing that you aren’t home; should they be a welcome guest allow them in with the built-in relay to your gate strike lock. DoorBird will also use its built-in motion sensor to alert you if someone approaches the gate, whether they ring or not, and stores the video clip to look at later. With Danalock installed on the front door deadbolt you can let people in remotely. Give guests a temporary virtual key, that expires the day they leave, or the pet-walkers access only during specific times. Should the alarm go off and you receive that call “your alarm has gone off but we can’t gain access to the premises”, you can provide access.

Keep an Eye on Things From the Beach

Whether you want to know if the alarm is armed, the lights are on or off, the geyser is switched off, or doors are locked, all can be seen at a glance thanks to the smartphone app. The Vera Controller will integrate with your existing security camera set-up, or if you don’t have camera’s you can use Vera’s in- and outdoor VistaCams with night vision and microphone. These cameras can be set up as motion sensors to alert you, or trigger any automation should they detect motion. Video clips are automatically uploaded to the cloud.

Avoid Damage While You Are Away

You can set an alert for if the freezer loses power, or place a flood sensor below the geyser. To save money you can ensure geysers are off when nobody is in the home. With Z-Wave irrigation control you can set timers for your garden, and link those timers to weather forecasts. If rain is coming it simply stays off.

Obtaining such peace of mind is easier than you think. All Z-Wave products are easy to retro-fit into any home, no matter how old, and can be obtained for R20 000 for an average sized home. It will look like you’re home – like you never left.

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